CAPE TOWN – Twitter’s Engineering Vice President Nandini Ramani says it’s important to encourage young women to pursue careers in Science and Technology.

Ramani, along with 60 women who are global leaders in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), met with promising software coders in Khayelitsha on Thursday.

The group representing TechWomen, shared their experiences with some learners who’ve shown a keen interest in pursuing careers in these fields.

Ramani says it’s worrying that fewer women are pursuing careers in these fields.

“It’s challenging. And they start in high school, where the inclination to go into STEM decreases and then they come into engineering schools where the numbers further decline. And then they enter the work force and then they go off to have kids. And then it’s very daunting for them to re-enter the work force because technology has changed.”