Girlhype Technovation Is a youth entrepreneurship program designed to be run online, reaching girls across South Africa. The program is based on the US Technovation pre-designed 12 week curriculum and has been adapted for the South African audience. The competition outline is described below but note that the program can be customised for in-classroom use and the timings adjusted accordingly.


Girlhype is an official Regional Ambassador for Technovation in South Africa and offers the opportunity to design and build an app.

Technovation a flagship program of non-profit Iridescent, is the worls largest global tech entrepreneurship competition for girls. The program offers girls around the world the opportunity to learn the necessary skills to emerge as tech entrepreneurs and leaders. Every year, Technovation challenges 10 to 18 year old girls to build a business plan and mobile apps that will address a community problem. Since 2009, over 10 000 girls have participated from over 78 countries.


  • App source code (can be developed for Android, iOS, or Windows)
  • Up to 4 minute video pitch (upload to YouTube and share this link)
  • Up to 2 minute app demo video (upload to YouTube and share the link)
  • Team photo (with mentor and teacher included if possible) for each team.
  • Business plan (pdf)
  • 100 word app description
  • Completion of post survey
  • Presentation (post on slideshare and share link)

An Overview of the program and project:

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Technovation and App Inventor
  • Lesson 2: Defining the issue: What are you going to solve?
  • Lesson 3: Brainstorming Solutions
  • Lesson 4: User Centred Design: Making your app easy to use
  • Lesson 5: Competitive analysis: What makes your app than the others out there.
  • Lesson 6: Branding and Promotion: Develop strategy for promoting your app.
  • Lesson 7: Potential Revenue: Determining how to price your app and how to generate income.
  • Lesson 8: Pitch Guidelines: Telling the story of your app and pitching your company
  • Lesson 9: Demo Guidelines: Making and uploading the demo video of your app in action
  • Lesson 10: User Feedback: What do people think of your app?
  • Lesson 11: Video Editing: Get feedback on your video’s what is and isnt working well?
  • Lesson 12: Submission: Make any final edits to your business plan, reflect on your project, wrap up loose ends, and complete the Post Survey.